Favorite films

  • Toy Story
  • The Thing
  • Castaway on the Moon
  • Groundhog Day

Recent activity

  • Big Trouble in Little China


  • The Monster Squad


  • Dune


  • Black Widow


Recent reviews

  • Take The Five

    Take The Five


    A video-editor once told me that the best in his game go unnoticed and unappreciated as they successfully polish turds. Well, Connor Griffith is clearly a highly skilled and imaginative editor, but still, he can’t be the best at his craft, because no amount of cutting to catchy ragtime can hide the fact that passenger window footage of the 5 is mind numbingly boring. A failed experiment in turb polishing.

  • The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

    The 36th Chamber of Shaolin


    My 4 year old daughter loves this movie. It’s the highest compliment of my parenting I could hope for.

Popular reviews

  • The Sunshine Makers

    The Sunshine Makers


    A weirdly insidious and simplistic binary of happiness and sadness, where joy wins not through hugs and good will, but through drowning, force feeding and bombing. Prime material for film school analysis. If there isn't already a paper on this, there needs to be one.

  • Wonder



    Being an adult is the pits. I spent today in a policy meeting, mediating a beef between two of my sales staff, and researching how to increase my credit score. But then I stumble across something as playful and delightful as this and suddenly I want to bust out a pack of markers and shamelessly doodle for the first time in decades!