Love and Monsters ★★★★½

Not both.

I kind of assumed I'd like this movie because it had giant monsters, but it actually has more drama and emotion than I expected. The story has a guy named Joel setting out on his own to find the girlfriend he got separated from during an apocalypse. That apocalypse involves an asteroid that mutated creatures that have killed off most of humanity. It kind of gave me Zombieland vibes with its setting and somewhat comedic tone and it's very entertaining as an action-adventure road movie. The monsters look great and so does the cinematography and Dylan O'Brien is very good as Joel.

Overall the film is really funny with a surprising amount of heart, amazing effects, and fun supporting characters (including the dog). I thought that ending was going to be a downer at first, but it ends on a good note and hopefully there's a sequel because this was awesome.

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