A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★★

I'm runnin'...runnin' from this nightmare...

Yeah, that opening theme song is cheesy and amazing and you'll be singing it for a week. Was there anything bigger than Freddy in 1988? Well not for me and I'm pretty sure I bought everything that had Freddy's face on it at this time. The Dream Master is pretty much the height of the hysteria.

The nostalgia is super high for this film but it's genuinely well made. It's very slick and Renny Harlin knows how to keep things moving. It also has a rarity for this type of movie in that all the teenagers are likeable. They are very one note (I have asthma! I hate bugs!) but they are an enjoyable group, particularly Alice. Despite their best attempts to keep her in dresses that go down to her ankles, I had a major crush on Lisa Wilcox and really who could blame me? If only I could have been a major league hunk.

I should point out that this film is endlessly quotable and they aren't all just by Freddy:

"Take that motherfucker!"

"Hellloooo bay-bay!"

"Wanna suck face?"

"Ándale! Ándale!"

It is a bummer they got rid of the Dream Warriors, especially Kincaid and his dog Jason (wink wink). By the way the dog brings back Freddy by PISSING FIRE. It's wild, but the scene of Freddy reanimating is great and there are a bunch of other awesome bits like the pizza, the waterbed, the roach motel, the church, etc. Even the opening credits where the girl draws the Elm Street house are pretty impressive.

This movie is so impossibly 80's and I love every bit of it, especially that music. This is one of my all-time favourites and makes me wish it was summertime. Now excuse me while I go to the Crave Inn.

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