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  • Hamilton



    Talented people with hearts of gold deserve everything they want and every bit of happiness out of their life. Lin-Manuel is one of these people, as well as every member of this cast. His lyrics and stories are truly astounding at times. The first time I watched this was the first time I had seen Hamilton at all. I never watched a bootleg or saw it onstage. Genuinely, my mouth remained agape throughout the majority of the watch! One of…

  • Peter Pan

    Peter Pan

    The story of Peter Pan is probably my favorite Disney story, ever. There’s so much whimsical, dreamy, bittersweet, nostalgia to it that everyone eventually feels as they’re growing up. The hard fact of life that is growing up, going away, forgetting.
    With that in mind, I do think there are some problematic themes with this movie. Maybe a different time before evolvement is to blame. 
    The live-action version with heartthrob Jeremy Sumpter was everything this movie should have been and more. It makes you feel like your heart is absolutely swelling. 
    Nevertheless, I love that this version of the movie exists, and I always will.

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  • Hillbilly Elegy

    Hillbilly Elegy


    I wonder what people who have never lived a life like this think when they watch this movie. I found so many moments that triggered me because I had 100% been in that boy’s shoes before. The scene where he runs to the house to call 911, then lies about it later out of fear. Him wanting to save his mother. Being told things will be better, things will be different. Moving around a lot. Trying so hard to just…

  • Thunder Force

    Thunder Force


    Two of the most talented actresses ever, who just so happen to be best friends in real life, in a superhero movie together! 
    I fucking love it because I fucking love them. Their range is outstanding, they stand for everything good in the world, and they’re incredible human beings all around. 
    I love watching movies where you know the cast loved making it. It radiates through the screen, and makes the experience that much more enjoyable. 
    This superhero movie is…