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  • Moxie




  • Ginny & Georgia - The Afterparty

    Ginny & Georgia - The Afterparty


    Binged watched it in a day.

    Gen Z's version of Gilmore Girls.

    Sorry Taylor but the joke is funny.

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  • Austenland



    To most cinephiles, specially the ones who hang at Letterboxd, Im sure theyd think this movie is not good. But for me, a lover of guilty pleasures, is sooo good. A lover of Austen novels who dreams of finding my own Darcy, it made me smile, cry.

    Yes, fantasies make us dream, smile and hope. Do fantasies come true. I certainly hope so. For know Ill just enjoy movies like this one.

    At the end of the day, its not…

  • The Spirit of Christmas

    The Spirit of Christmas


    The corniest christmas necrophiliac's love story