Only Lovers Left Alive ★★★★

Leave it to Jim Jarmusch to find a new angle on the hoary old subject of vampires: The bored-immortal hangout movie, featuring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as an ancient undead couple with no particular urgency about anything except possibly keeping each other alive. The movie completely lacks a sense of drive or urgency, and it keeps the plot to a minimum—if anything, it might have been better off without even the little drama it does have, since the plot touches compromise the story and briefly turn it into something that feels more intense, and dropping back into immortal torpor afterward is a little dissatisfying. But this is a beautifully acted and textured movie, a weird, syrupy, sleepy experience that feels like The Hunger with the sex and desperation still in place, but an added sense that after hundreds, maybe thousands of years, even sex and desperation have become old hat. Little, weird touch that makes the movie for me: Swinton and Hiddleston's hair, which looks particularly dead, like the stolen blood that's keeping their bodies going doesn't reach as far as dead cells. It's one intriguing visual choice in a film full of them, a film that's fairly content just to say "If there were vampires, I think they'd be more like this—jaded, depressed, obsessed with the past, snobbish aesthetes, and never particularly excited about anything—but still, in a way, beautiful, in the same way any other antique is beautiful."