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  • Klute



    This film has always struck me. I adore how this film looks - that’s Gordon Willis for you, just gorgeous yet so grounded in early 70’s New York’s dirt and sweat. The sound as well as the images are sweltering with eeriness and dread, but is bearable and actually enjoyable to watch because of Jane Fonda’s grounded performance. It’s a bloody New Hollywood classic and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Leaves Criterion channel at the end of the month!

  • BUtterfield 8

    BUtterfield 8


    This film just simply isn’t fun enough to make up for its dated and moralist take on gender politics. By the same token, the male lead Lawrence Harvey is too cruel, uncharismatic and not attractive enough to make him at all compelling, or give stake to his and Elizabeth Taylor’s relationship. 

    Eddie Fischer leaves no impression, I guess Carrie got all the charm from Debbie.

    Elizabeth Taylor’s clothes are great though. Give me a slip covered by an extravagant mink any day of the week.