Malila: The Farewell Flower

Malila: The Farewell Flower ★★★★

the close-up shots of flowers; of hands assembling the flowers & the baisri... extremely beautiful.

most of this film was very beautiful. it won't surprise you that the most effective and beautiful things were the images, and not the dialogue.

lots of bodily fluids - vomit, blood. and a lot about hair - talk of the hair lost to chemotherapy, even body hair. and then a sign that the film has fractured, that we're in the second half, is when shane has shaved his hair.

and then of course this loops back to the flowers. a small, crushed flower in shane's hand - the water seeping out. the flowers wilting, turning brown. the first shot, of a bud being squeezed, of the bud opening and becoming malleable to a bigger purpose.

also loved the scene where the corpse rises and becomes a ghost, or... a person again. and all of the shots of the baisri in the river.

note: from googling i think that the term baisri is more commonly romanised as bai sri, but in the subtitles of this film it was called baisri so i have stuck with that.