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  • The Fugitive Kind

    The Fugitive Kind

    bonkers motion picture based on the airtight premise that Marlon Brando (wearing a tight snakeskin jacket much of the time) ca 1960 was unfathomably, ruinously hot, like literally his hotness is explicitly the motivation for almost everything that happens. Joanne Woodward kind of presaging chaotic Britney here too? like I said, bonkers

  • Nomadland


    expected to come out of this with many pointed critiques about insufficient analysis of capitalism or whatever but this movie just made me really sad!!! very sad movie set in very beautiful places!!

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  • The Girl on a Motorcycle

    The Girl on a Motorcycle

    not very good but when I saw a credit for “fantasy colorist” in the opening credits I was like “...what is that” and let me tell you the fantasy colorist proved essential and did GREAT work

  • Fast Five

    Fast Five

    fast five indulges in the classic canard that poses South American countries being inherently “corrupt” places, thus permitting US law enforcement agent Hobbes to participate in the wanton slaughter of “corrupt cops” (in fact US policing is also corrupt and all cops are bastards). That being said, using that as an excuse to allow for a movie in which the heroes mow down a shitload of cops onscreen is sick and cool.