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  • Mark Twain Tonight!

    Mark Twain Tonight!


    Letterboxd Season Challenge 2020-21
    Week 27: March 22nd-28th
    Concert Movie Week

    I pulled this from a list of Concert movies because it seemed so different from the usual "LONG MUSIC VIDEO" films--a Primetime Emmy-winning performance by writer-actor Hal Holbrook. Twain is an iconic America character, and here is a one-man show of his humor, a must-see CBS television production. Holbrook nails it. You will thrill. You will cry. You will cheer with the crowd at the end, as our centerpiece spokesman retires. What a character. What a performance. What a captured moment. See it!

  • Hangmen Also Die!

    Hangmen Also Die!


    Part of my Filling in the Forties challenge

    One of the best frame-up films ever; watch as WWII Czech patriots stick it to the invading Nazis by making their double agent the fall guy for an assassination. Lots of suspense, a little romance, and plenty of hide-and-go-deceit. Watch it.

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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    No hay banda! It's all a tape. Il n'est pas de orquestra. It is... an illusion! ~ Bondar at Club Silencio

    This magnificent movie will mess with your mind. Over a five-hour period on Saturday night, I watched this film carefully, read up about it on the Internet, and watched it again with frequent pauses and rewinds. I know I liked it. I think I get it. But one never knows for sure with David Lynch.


  • The Squid and the Whale

    The Squid and the Whale


    Dad is a pretentious jerk. Mom is having serial affairs. Little brother is cursing like a sailor, masturbating at every opportunity and smearing his semen on library books. Older brother is plagiarizing Pink Floyd lyrics and passing them off as his own. But hey, it's Brooklyn in the 1980s. The solution, of course, is for the parents to divorce and arrange for joint custody of the kids. Or is it?

    This highly autobiographical family drama from Noah Baumbach is a…