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  • Brackenmore



    they really said if you watch 70 minutes of nothing we'll give you 2 minutes of a woman in a white dress covered in blood and i said DEAL!

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Fantastic Mr. Fox


    here's a list of my favourite the fantastic mr fox quotes for no reason <3 yes i do cry at every single one of them every damn time

    "this story is too predictable." "predictable, really? what happens in the end?" "in the end, we all die. unless you change."

    "ash, i know what it's like to feel...different." "well i'm not different. am i?" "we all are. him especially. but there's something kinda fantastic about that, isn't there?"

    "i love you,…

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  • Suicide Room

    Suicide Room


    were you really a depressed 14 y/o if you weren't obsessed with this movie and reblogged every black & white tumblr gif of it that you could get your hands on

  • Freaky



    vince vaughn playing millie has the same energy as jack black playing bethany in jumanji and they both carried their movies on their backs