I'm Almost Not Crazy: John Cassavetes - The Man and His Work ★★★½

Watched this while half-way through "Cassavetes Directs", the book Michael Ventura wrote chronicling the day-to-day on the set of Love Streams. Ventura seems to really hold on to this "beauty in the chaos" idea and every scene or moment is viewed through that prism, which sometimes gets in the way of the movie/book feeling insightful. Cassavetes mostly speaks in rogue-ish platitudes about the work, which reveals more about his philosophy, and about who he is, than the process or the movies he make. It's fine - it's always a pleasure to watch John and Gena, two of the most important artists the medium has ever seen, talk about anything, but I don't think I have sipped quite enough of the kool-aid yet to find it that interesting for that long.

But what both the movie and the book lack in insight and structure they make up with in precious, little details of the life that John and Gena led together making movies. Gena's note on the fridge, Gena working out a scene with John, Cassavettes kicking a golf ball around with the crew as they set up the dolly....you really wish these guys could make another movie :'(