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  • Another Round

    Another Round


    felt surprisingly more wholesome this time around

  • Femme Fatale

    Femme Fatale


    De Palma milks pulp for all it has, articulates movie logic through the possible elasticity of its images, and uses them to create prophecy, while never getting too high and mighty about it. the characters feel a little bit too stuck to their archetypes, to the point where it feels like he really played this one for the cinephiles. im ok w/ it - ou dont have to lick my ass de palma, just fuck me!

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  • Crash



    Ballard’s novel had great ideas and established a very striking psycho-sexual cosmology, but faltered in Ballard’s shock-jock treatment of the thing; the alienating descriptions of cars and sexual acts over-indulge, and displace the characters a little too much, they don’t feel lived in or part of our world, in short - the book had very little sex appeal, it was all scathing criticism. Cronenberg, my favorite pornographer, makes his most tasteful movie, finding imagetic restraint, gravitas, and humanity to Ballard’s…

  • Wobble Palace

    Wobble Palace


    basic and pathetic people are deserving of love and self-realization too!!!!