Tenet ★★★★½


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Tenet is a fantastic and incredibly complex movie. This was my second most anticipated film of the year and I went into this extremely high expectations. This film turned out to be everything I expected it to be its an intelligent, action packed, and mind boggling experience. Also I’ve officially watched all of Christopher Nolan’s filmography and I truly can say that he is one of my absolute favorite directors. The plot is great it’s a complex and unique story. This is definitely Nolan’s most complex story and that’s saying something. The pacing is great from the opening scene until the credits role I was engaged. It’s a long film but it doesn’t feel long at all.

The acting is good John David Washington and Robert Patterson give good performances. One of the main problems of this film is that the characters don’t seem to have much emotional depth or development. Elizabeth Debiciki gives a very good supporting performance her character was probably my favorite character. Kenneth Branagh plays a great villain who is pretty menacing.

The direction is fantastic from Christopher Nolan and the script is fantastic as well. The cinematography is great, there is a ton of well made and memorable shots through out the film. The sound is pretty good besides the car chases, which it was very hard to hear the conversations going on the sound wasn’t as distracting as people say it is. The score is very good as well. The action is top notch this film is full of pure adrenaline fight sequences and incredibly well made shootouts. I’m interested to see how this does at the Oscars in terms of Best Picture but this will no doubt get nominated for Best Director, Original Screenplay, and Visual Effects. The ending is a great ending that leaves the mind to wonder. Overall Tenet is an action packed and incredibly complex film that’s truly an unforgettable experience to see in theaters if you can. 


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