Tenet ★★★★★

Taking a look around I've seen several very misleading reviews about this film that claim that it overuses exposition, that it has too loud audio, that the action scenes weren't good enough etc. so I just had to give my thoughts on this film.

Let's start with the claims that there's too much exposition. Compared to other Nolan films like Inception or Interstellar there is much less: in those films usually a character explains step by step what is going on, in Tenet there is no such character and there are only tidbits of information given by some lines of dialogue.
It is true that the first 40 mins are sort of "worldbuilding" scenes, but that's again something that Nolan had already done in the past: Inception spends nearly an hour to explain the dreams concept, Interstellar takes 40 mins before going to space etc.

About the sound mixing: the audio is similar to Tenet, super loud, but when it overlaps on dialogue pieces it's always pieces of dialogue that are unnecessary: a man doing a tour of a facility and telling stuff that is irrelevant to the plot, while the character observes details of the alarm system, for example.

A story is defined as well written when it uses all the elements it presents: believe it or not, upon a second rewatch I realised how deeply this thing goes into Tenet, everone and everything is related to the main topic and the plot. You have to be extra careful to look for the connections but they are there (even if just glimpses - it's a Nolan film, a puzzle to recompose).
Once you're able to reconstruct the whole thing, well, you'll realise that Tenet is much more complex than how you deemed it, and so are the action sequences. I'd like to repeat it: if something doesn't check out, you missed something, at the second view you'll understand it better. If being confused by a film means to you that the film itself is not good, well, remember the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey, that one was super confusing and I certainly didn't understand it the first time I've seen it, yet 2001 is considered a masterpiece.
Tenet may be the most complicated Nolan film: much is implied, much is hard to understand, little is explained clearly, yet details, short glimpses and elements suggest everything. Upon a first view, I wasn't sure if I understood the plot. Upon second view, I think I've understood it all.
So yes, go watch it a second time before judging.