A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story ★★★★

A Ghost Story will put you straight into a trance. I caught myself zoned out but focused all at once, it’s almost meditative. You just sit in this thing and let it wash over you. Very heavy and I’m not sure I have all the brains right now to have caught everything off my initial viewing, but I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone and everyone purely because anyone at some point in their life can relate to seeing the world pass them by without having any control of what’s happening around them. It’s a very sad movie but sometimes you gotta feel that, y’know? Casey Affleck was incredible and now I gotta check out more of Lowery’s work. Powerful imagery. I initially gave this a 3 1/2 but after finishing this review and thinking it over, I’d definitely say it’s a 4!

Check it out on Netflix!!!

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