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  • Heat
  • Wet Hot American Summer
  • The Killer
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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  • The Return of the Living Dead


  • Tales from the Hood


  • Intruder


  • Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness


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  • Dawn of the Dead

    Dawn of the Dead


    Romero builds upon NotLD so well here. The specious claims, baseless speculation, and bickering of public officials in the few snippets of news broadcasts in Night are our few glimpses of a world outside the claustrophobic farmhouse. In Dawn, the news is expanded out into the first twenty minutes. We start in a cluttered, disorganized news studio where talking heads argue and scream over the cacophony of the production team. We then move to the projects, where a SWAT team…

  • Night of the Living Dead

    Night of the Living Dead


    The event that local militias and isolationists pray for.

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  • In the Dark

    In the Dark

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This captures the feel and milieu of several different pieces of media. The most immediate and striking to me is how it presages late 00s/10s ARGs. So many Spooky Youtube webseries try to approximate that amateur SOV blown out black-and-white look. This comparison is only enhanced by the plot - a network of gang stalkers assign a series of escalating/dangerous/lurid tasks to unwitting participants on behalf of a benefactor(s). It's custom-made for r/nosleep or a post-Marble Hornets/Everyman Hybrid series. Similarly,…




    This is an auspicious debut for Kensuke Sonomura. For 60ish minutes, the movie functions as a serviceable DTV pastiche of a lot of movies you’ve seen before (retired hitman gets out to care for the daughter of the former mentor he ended up being assigned to kill). The twisty double-crossing of the dueling assassin syndicates isn’t really intriguing so much as perfunctory and tacked on. The many shots of nocturnal wanderings under neon lights set to a synthy score feel…