Godzilla ★★★★½

Film School Drop Outs – Weekly Challenge 2017

Week 14 - Genre - Sci-Fi - 1950s Cold War Film

with godzilla and power rangers my life has been filled with all sorts of giant monsters lately, and i really want there to be some obscure godzilla/super sentai crossover out there? i'm not sure who i'd want to win!!! i love godzilla, i support her, but cmon.........

anyway yes so i watched a movie here that's what i'm supposed to talk about! godzilla (1954)'s really great and it wasn't like it took a long time to get into the shit of it all or anything, boats started to get sunk in the first couple minutes and that was great! we saw godzilla's head super fast too! godzilla really is the star of godzilla, strolling around town without a care in the goddamn world

the more human side of godzilla though was where it took yet another cake, maybe chocolate this time? all of the characters were interesting, they had understandable motives which you could sympathize with and i think that was invaluable for fitting in with the puzzle pieces of the whole thing's anti-atomic/nuclear themes what with the major characters mostly being scientists....that scene at the end honestly made me cry, serizawa is a hero

godzilla's got such a LEGACY and i can't wait to tear into the Big Meat of the series!!! i wanna see mothra and mechagodzilla and i wanna see...i dunno...........Shin Godzilla? damn...damn