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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Now that I’ve watched this again I want to do my SPOILER FILLED thoughts

Small Details I loved -
-At the funeral Drax has finally put on a shirt despite his “condition”
- Howard the Duck! 
-  Proxima Midnight cradling Corvus’ dead body as they turn to dust 
-  Drax and Korg working together during the battle ( a dream team tbh)
- There are multiple times where Stellan Skarsgard’s face is on the screen and it never amounts to anything
- I have been spoiling this movie for myself for a year and I knew everything going in but nobody mentioned Aunt May and I’m still very happy 
- Classic Ant-Man helmet 

Things that don’t make sense-
-Where did Valkyrie get her Pegasus? Did Strange get her one? Was one hanging around New Asgard? Did Strange just make a horse fly? 
-  What is Rhodey’s deal? Does he have a family or anything?
- Old Man Cap was somehow Joe Biden, Clint Eastwood and Tilda Swinton all at the same time 

Other good things -
- Thor’s arc makes perfect sense to me. We see him in almost the exact place he found Valkyrie; a broken alcoholic who feels they have nothing left and that it’s their fault all these bad things happend. 
- Chris Pratt gets knocked unconscious and Gamora knees the shit out of him which is a win for all
- I like Carol here way better than her own movie. 
- Nebula and Rhodey are a good duo and I’m sad there won’t be more of them 
- America’s Ass 

Bad things -
- It was so fucking obvious that Clint and Natasha were supposed to be endgame but Joss Whedon robbed us of that and I’m still pissed. The chemistry and the way they compliment each other is just perfection. 
- I know I’m in the minority but I think Carol’s hair is bad. If they at least used a wig that fit Brie’s head or cut it in some uniform fashion instead of like a child who got loose with scissors and a Barbie it might have looked badass. 
- The action sequence at the end is great but so messy. It’s their biggest battle ever yet it was so unfocused it’s basically a blur and everything goes by so fast it’s hard to tell what you just saw and it’s literally a Where’s Waldo
- I would rather Thor stay in New Asgard than join the Guardians and I really wanted to see Peter Quill on earth 
-Okoye shouldn’t have been marketed so heavily only for her to not be in the movie. The movie was always going to focus on the older cast so why bait people and disappoint them? 
- Still bitter about Nat

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