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  • Chungking Express
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • Possession
  • Suspiria

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  • The Meaning of Life


  • Bad Trip


  • Bad Trip


  • The Sadist of Notre Dame


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  • Bad Trip

    Bad Trip


    Well this was an unexpected delight.
    Came in for my love of Andre's stuff on adult swim, as well as Tiff Haddish ruling every scene. Left with a massive smile on me chops.
    In a year that I loved the real life japes of NIRVANNA THE BAND and NATHAN FOR YOU, this is undoubtedly a one trick pony for sure, but that one truck is used great here.
    By exposing and critiquing the trite neo-leftist social media warrior ideology crossover…

  • The Great Silence

    The Great Silence


    Mega new release from Eureka video, first time in the UK (apart from a '90 Moviedrome screening on BBC2).
    Original Italian language with English subs, it looks amazing.
    The very best Western film I've yet seen. x

Popular reviews

  • The Devil

    The Devil


    The corruption of the corruptible, through bearing witness to the corrupted. As provided by a guided tour by yours truly, the tempter himself.
    The opening sequence of this is astonishing. Some of Zulawski's most insane moments. x

  • The Demons

    The Demons


    Obviously a riff on Ken Russell's THE DEVILS (1971), but that's for the birds when you know and get hooked on the unique cinema universe of Jesús Franco.
    This sexploitation flick has the customary Franco zoom-ins and lingering camera on naked female bodies, but Franco revered women and no one in cinema history has conveyed this so effectively and adoringly on camera as he did. The sex is red hot here and heightens the films affect through the…