Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

"Good morning, Smallville. The American conscience died with Robert, Martin and John."

"Must There Be A Superman?"
"There Is."

And this is a goddamn masterpiece. Seriously the script is about a million times more intelligent than any of us deserve from such a movie. Old good and new good being played against one another by a super-troll, and then POOF! Wonder Woman. I can't wait to see how the DC Universe plays out in light of recent events.

(PS. holy f**k so much male skin in this movie lol I'm not sure if I really appreciated that as much as I did this time around but I certainly didn't vocalise it but holy f**k lol…)

(PPS. I totally finally paid for it today like I said I would on iTunes in the double pack with Man of Steel cos between the two they have a good batch of extras for the price, so FU pirate bashers…)

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