The Last Duel

The Last Duel ½

Chapter 1: Am I The Asshole For Challenging My Best Friend To Trial By Combat? So me (51M) and my wife (19F) have been happily married for many years, but she told me my best friend (37M) was bothering her or something while I was away for work. To be perfectly honest I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying. I didn't think it was a big deal so I told her to go make me a sandwich. I had a long day cleaning up toilets at MIT and talking to my therapist so of course I needed something to eat. Anyways, AITA?

Chapter 2: Am I The Asshole For Sleeping With My Best Friend's Wife? I (37M) am in love with my best friend's (51M) wife (19F). I don't know anything about her hobbies or her interests. I don't even know what her personality is like. But she's really hot so I know I'm in love with her. Here's where I might be the asshole. One time I was really horny so I messaged my best friend's wife if we could watch Borat 2 tonight. She didn't respond so I called her a whore. AITA?

Chapter 3: ESH

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