Akira ★★★★

Seeing this in a cinema was intense. I only wish it would've been at my own private screening because a couple of cunts decided that individually-wrapped-in-crinkly-paper chewy toffees are their total ultimate fave cinema snack. As a result, the moody intricacies of the film's score became interspersed with the fucking loudest lip smacking and sucking sounds I've ever heard. You know me guys, I love sucking, but I usually reserve those kind of deep, dedicated slurps for a third or fourth date. I hope the guy at least bought that toffee a nice dinner first before going to town on it in front of a room of 30 strangers and his girlfriend. Between Werther's, the same lovely chap also took a cheeky snap of the movie's opening title, presumably to post later on the 'gram so all 23 of his followers get to see what a truly cultured and deep dude he is. How do I know he took the photo? Oh, that'd be because he left the flash on. In the words of Dwight Schrute, we need a new plague. 

Aside from getting intermittent disruptions from the toffee twins, it was fantastic to get to see this film on the big screen and appreciate the insane level of detail in pretty much every frame. What else can you say? It's a masterpiece tbh lads.


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