Tenet ★★★½

"I ordered my hot sauce an hour ago!"
-actual pre-fight quote from this movie

and so my unbroken Ghibli streak from Nausicaa all the way through to Howl's Moving Castle finally comes to an end with Tenet

this has "bootstrap paradox" written all over it

this is the film everyone acted like Inception was
highly ambitious, perhaps to its own detriment
the sort of film that CinemaSins would have a field day picking holes through

the time stuff is a little bit odd to wrap your head around at first but by the film's end I think I had a decent enough grasp on what happened
definitely the kind of film you want to watch twice
visually it's really cool watching it all realised on the screen

very, VERY LOUD though - mostly in the bass frequencies
literally had to spend half the film covering my ears, which came at the expense of obscuring some of the dialogue
the music is cool though - one small detail I loved was that whenever time runs backwards, the music does too

probably could use an extended cut to clear up some of the finer points

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