BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

I want to start off with one little thing... that score was absolutely beautiful. K thks onto the review. 

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So, that was a very unique movie experience. A very “hard to watch” experience, not in the way where you want to get up and leave (a group of like 3 people actually did... 35 minutes in) I knew that was a lot of people to all go to the bathroom together. 
Its so hard to watch racist people on screen, and when you have a movie about a police officer trying to infiltrate the KKK, there’s automatically going to be a LOT of racist and hateful dialogue. Each and every one of those words had so much rage and anger and hatred behind it, that alone was a lot but I think it’s a movie everyone needs to see. It just opens your eyes even more. It’s so damn hard to comprehend how people can be so racist and still think they are good people doing what they think is right. It boggles my fucking mind. 

Its a movie featuring a true story from the 70’s but when you compare it to today, it seems like nothing has changed and it’s so fucked. I’m so glad that I wasn’t born into such a hateful belief system but sad that we also live in a world where a “hateful/racist belief system” is even a thing. I hope I’m using the phrase “belief system correctly... oof.

Spike Lee deserves all the praise he is receiving and I’m glad to see John David Washington finally getting recognition by being cast in such a huge role. I’ve been watching him in Ballers for the past few years and he’s truly great.
I really liked Adam Driver as well, he’s becoming one of my favorite actors. I‘m glad that I can now read all the reviews on this film and learn different people’s perspectives.

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