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  • Four Weddings and a Funeral

    Four Weddings and a Funeral

    1994 hugh grant has gotten me through a lot and this pandemic is no exception !!!

  • Nine 1/2 Weeks

    Nine 1/2 Weeks

    very sensory; more of a taurus season film pick than i realized i was making. 

    sure, the titillation isn’t as titillating.

    but every aesthetic account on instagram can eat their heart out on these static shots of gorgeous chrome ‘80s furniture, glitchy tv screens, art scene weirdos, cherries in syrup, kim basinger’s luscious mouth.

    red as a sensual, feral, raw color gets absolutely exhausted here, from the opening credits to her post-sexual awakening red wool sack sweater. was color psychology super big in the ‘80s ?

    i thought mickey rourke was james spader the whole time ?

    perfect soundtrack perfect time capsule

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  • Waiting for Guffman

    Waiting for Guffman

    i realized this watch that 5 mins in i’m like “oh this is my favorite part,” and 5 mins later i’m like “omg wait this is my favorite part,” and i do that all the way until the end and i swear to god i’m just doubled over laughing like a kid the whole time.

  • Clockstoppers


    unmatchable use of blink-182 and bmx bikes

    this movie absolutely was a lynchpin in the formation of my heteronormative beliefs about myself bc i still date tricky losers now and also wish i was a hot european rock climber