The Hate U Give

Okay, I have some things to say about this movie. Honestly amn’t sure where to begin.
This is like if Disney wanted to be edgy and make a social injustice movie.
This movie just feels like a massive charicature. None of the characters feel real, the writing is atrocious, so on-the-nose that it was actually painful at times.
Every right-minded person knows there are huge problems with social injustice, police brutality and race relations in America. You don’t have to experience it first hand to know that things are bad over there. Will I ever be able to really understand it? No. Do I think that it’s right? Absolutely not. If anybody thinks otherwise, they will leave after 10 minutes. You don’t have to preach at us for 2 hours and 15 minutes of relentless ‘look how bad everything is’.
There is absolutely no subtlety. From the beginning there’s awful narration, and for the whole runtime the movie treats you like an idiot and  characters say exactly what they’re thinking. 
There are so many other little things in every scene that I’d be here forever if I talked about it all. This movie tried to do way to much, but unfortunately even if it narrowed its focus, it likely still would’ve been held back by awful writing.

If you want to watch a good, nuanced film with similar themes that actually feels real, go and watch Fruitvale Station, it is infinitely better than this.