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  • New Jack City

    New Jack City


    Comically cliched by the standards of cop films, with a laughable lead performance from Ice-T. I guess props to Van Peebles for only giving himself a supporting role despite being way more handsome. But then, he's a pretty bad actor as well.

    Still, the power this film would have had upon release is obvious, effectively cramming a whole Goodfellas worth of the Black experience into a 97 minute film anchored by some great old school NYC locations and a towering performance by Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown. It might not be great cinema, but it's cinematic history.

  • Josie and the Pussycats

    Josie and the Pussycats


    Not quite the lost masterpiece that the 20th anniversary retrospectives would have you believe, but one of the better satires of American pop culture from the last few decades. Belongs in a museum if for no other reason beyond being an extensive record of the collective aesthetic atrocity that was fashion and pop culture at the turn of the millennium.

    - This movie is topical to a fault at points, with extended jokes that only make sense if you, for…

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  • Relic



    An impressive debut and an excellent expansion of James' short film Creswick, which we saw in a horror shorts collection a few years ago.

    Wondering how much gas the whole post-A24-horror-as-explicit-metaphor-for-grief-and-trauma wave has left in it, but as far as the sub-genre goes, this one is reasonably opaque in its story of three generations of women trapped in a house while one of them slowly loses her mind. Plus, I'm always a sucker for movies and the like featuring a house that's impossibly big on the inside.

  • A Vigilante

    A Vigilante


    Given the pulpy premise and low budget, I was not expecting something this grueling and earnest. A bit formless at the start (it's less than 90 minutes and could probably stand to be even shorter), but by the time it zeros in on it's ultimate aims, it's pretty gripping.

    I feel like Olivia Wilde doesn't get enough credit. Granted, she's mostly in bad stuff, but she always delivers. She's raw here in a way that would probably garner more praise…