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  • Paper Moon

    Paper Moon


    One of the most charming films and also full of the zippiest writing. The on screen pair are one of cinema's finest: a lovable conman and an irascible child making for a hell of a double act. The scams are creative, funny and supported by beautiful acting. You'll love watching elderly widows getting scammed out of their money or your money back. Let me just change that money for a fiver first, oh, and do you have change for a…

  • Irreversible



    Is Irreversible about hopeful beginnings or deterministically nihilistic endings? For me, ultimately, it's the former. Though the ideas about humanity here are incredibly dark, the choice to use reverse chronology - though ultimately a gimmick - does pave the way for something more emotional and profound.

    By seeing this story in reverse we are always aware of the tragedy and how it has to go, this adds an inherent determinism that is only enforced by the improvised dialogue throughout (which…

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  • Another Round

    Another Round


    Disclaimer: I don’t usually write very personally on this site, but in this review I do. So, be warned.
    I dedicate this to three inspirations, who are three of my favourite writers on the site because they can be so personal - a thing I fear:
    Cormac, Ben, Samantha.

    Though immediately successful as a smart critique of alcohol culture, specifically in Denmark (though, as a Brit, the film certainly has messages for us), Another Round is special because it is…