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  • Nobody


    Dad, you already sent me those Facebook memes about good men with guns taking out bad men and the need to protect your house from foreigners coming after our family. I didn't need to watch a movie in which you think you have the right to shoot anyone you want, especially Russkies, as jazz songs play ironically in the background. Yes, I know office work is boring and spending 8 hours a day accounting makes you feel emasculated, but please,…

  • Aviva


    Boaz Yakin was smart to advertise his availability as a comedy director with this laugh-out-loud funny mix of relationship drama, softcore porn (Or Schraiber is hot!), and dance. Oh mean he's serious about all this, and AVIVA isn't an intentional self-parody. In that case, it's the worst new film I've seen so far this year.