Steve Erickson has written 4 reviews for films rated ½ .

  • Love the One You're With

    Love the One You're With

    Putting your student films on Amazon Prime for rental and even purchase isn't the greatest idea. (And no, this isn't a literal student film, but it suffers the clunkiest edits, most blown-out lighting and bad sound mixing I've seen and heard in a "professional" release in years.) But at least money could've fixed most of the technical problems. The script is just as bad.

  • Two Distant Strangers

    Two Distant Strangers

    Noxious junk seemingly made for white liberals who first learned about racist police violence last summer (ie, the Oscar voters pool.) The GROUNDHOG DAY endless-loop narrative ran out of steam long ago, but TWO DISTANT STRANGERS takes it to insulting new depths. While the film 's pessimism about the possibility of ending police shootings of Black people is justified (does anyone think even the conviction of Derek Chauvin and prosecution of Daunte Wright's killer will change these practices?), it never…

  • Don't Look Back

    Don't Look Back

    Running neck and neck with ANTEBELLUM as the worst new film I've seen this year!

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  • Capernaum


    Dreadful misery/poverty-porn. Imagine a style invented by someone who read about neorealism, especially Vittorio de Sica and the Dardenne brothers, without actually watching any of their films, and you have some idea how badly CAPERNAUM comes across. Simultaneously, it wants to convince the spectator (who is, implicitly, a relatively well-off arthouse patron rather than the refugees it depicts) that it has intimate knowledge of the lower depths (the title refers to hell) and indulges in the cheapest melodrama, leavening its…