The Father ★★½

It'd be foolish to say Anthony Hopkins gives a bad performance here, because he does brings out his character's terror of existing in a shifting reality on a moment-to-moment basis. Still, it's extroverted and mannered in a way that screams "Look at me, I am acting! I am playing someone totally different from myself!" I reduced my star rating after a day's thought because while I found the section after {SPOILER} moving, it now seems grossly manipulative and gimmicky. For all the talent and craft which went into this film, it's just a middlebrow version of AMOUR without Haneke's misanthropy. But director Florian Zeller, adapting his own play, is closer in spirit to M. Night Shyamalan or Christopher Nolan, except that he thinks too highly of his artistry to stoop down to the populist excitement of their best films.

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