Black Mirror: San Junipero ★★★★

To say the obvious: beautiful queer love story, transhumanist vision of a post-religious afterlife and BLACK MIRROR's most optimistic episode, imagining technology as a force that expands the human race's possibilities in a way that can at least be extremely positive for this couple. It also comes across as a commentary on retromania and the postmodern tendency to curate knicknacks and pieces of culture from the past as though you could borrow inside and live in your fantasy version of the '80s and '90s. (Gugu Mbatha-Raw at the arcade looks like Janet Jackson playing Prince's keyboard player in a PURPLE RAIN sequel!) Instead of condemning this impulse, both its style and story address the erasure of LGBTQ people from the dominant culture of the times for which it evokes nostalgia. This couple needs technology in order to live out love stories from the media of the '80s and '90s, and they're safer in San Junipero than Earth.