Nobody ★★★

I’ve learned that I have a particular affection for Bod Odenkirk. I watched season 5 of Better Call Saul a couple of months ago. It made me remember just how talented of an actor he is. He has a lot of range and can make some of the most absurd, just so hilarious and often profound. So, when I went into Nobody, there was little chance I would not enjoy it. I was correct in this assumption. I like this movie and though it is very similar to John Wick. I find that the actors bring enough to it to make it a worthwhile watch. Add on Christopher Lloyd with a sawed-off shotgun, and it’s hard not to like.

Most people can relate to being jaded with their lives at specific points. The montages of his daily routine are something we all experience in one way or another. The slow gathering of information of just who this man is and where he is in his life is effective and doesn’t last too long. Before we know it, the action and violence build, just as the angst in himself does as well. There are a few excellent fight scene set pieces. The most effective for me is the first on the Bus with a gang of rich assholes. It has one of those tough-guy lines that Odenkirk deliverers perfectly “I’m going to fuck you up.”

Connie Nielsen does a great job with what she is given. It’s most definitely Odenkirk’s story. I do wish that she was given more to work with story-wise. But what she does have is good because of her portrayal. I felt their relationship could withstand anything. It felt like a real relationship in a largely unrealistic film. Aleksey Serebryakov does a solid job as the main villain but like most of them. All the bad guys are one-dimensional and just become stormtroopers after a certain point.

I loved watching this film so much that I want to give it a super high rating. I won’t do that, though, because some things are just kind of middle of the road. I also need to highlight the director of this film. Ilya Naishuller is good at action scenes. His movies also have great use of the camera as well. I will follow his career with interest. He has a bright future.

I hope you all are well,
Jason Spencer

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