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This review may contain spoilers.

Do y'all mind if I scream?

I was hyped to see this since I first saw the trailer, then came COVID-19 and the closing of major theaters. But thankfully a release happened to add to my long awaiting excitement. And oh how did I underestimate how hard this one was gonna hit me. After seeing this after all of the positive reviews or mixed ones saying how they had issues with the finale, which I can see why people will have their issues with it, I have my own. I was angry, enraged, livid, and sick. Kind of like our main character, Cassie. I felt her anger on screen moreso than I ever did at the start of the film. Best believe the ending will be discussed for years to come. On another note, the needle drops were A+ and the cinematography was excellent, vibrant, and perfectly contrasted the dark and very real subject matter .
Plus my heart was beating extra fast throughout most scenes.
Knowing that Emerald wrote S2 of Killing Eve prepared me in knowing that this will go in ways I won't expect, well fortunately & unfortunately, I was correct (especially if it involves anyone who wrote Villanelle shooting Eve at the end, I should've seen this shit coming). I do love how I was going to finish watching film in a pissed attitude, but in the end, in the words of Vernon Dudley,

But I'm still mad.

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