Beyond Lemuria

Beyond Lemuria ★½

This is like getting shot in the face by a shotgun loaded with Coast to Coast AM clips. After finishing this I realized that the numbness in my head is probably the same thing George Noory feels after every show. I love this kind of shit but after about an hour and a half of the film it just started to feel like people saying and doing random shit while stumbling towards the conclusion. The ninja, Jesus, the three eyed guy(who my eyesight tricked me into thinking had a dope haircut but turns out it was just some space bullshit behind his head), the orgasm torture and the cast kept me entertained but it's way too long and rambling. At least it was rambling on about interesting shit like the Shaver mystery, hollow earth, cold fusion, Shasta mountain, fallen angels, Charles Fort and every other fringe topic you can think of. I wish they could have found a way to shoehorn in some Jack Parsons in with the rest of this crap. Dumb strange culty fun.

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