Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★

rewarched it. even going into this knowing what to be expect, im gonna be honest this was a very difficult rewatch.

while this movie has some amazing VFX and action sequences (the first lazer scene is probably my favorite godzilla scene), it is outweighed heavily by the bland office scenes and monotonous dialogue. it was like 5-10% awesome action and everything else felt dull to watch. especially having seen everything before it was very easy for me to become distracted and sometimes even bored. the good talking scenes happened to focus more on individual characters or human nature, like the break scene, but those were very seldom. during the second act i also found it unsatisfying when america randomly came in with a bunch of answers.

thanks to the nature of the rewatch though i was able to pick up on what this did well. realism was even more impressive the second time around- but while i think realism is generally a good thing, i think the film is so detail-oriented that it added screentime just to prove to us how realistic it was, which made it drag and added to the boredom factor. i also like how the fast editting added a sence of urgency, keeping the audience on its toes, even in an office setting. however, the quickness of the editting cut some great cinematography in this short. like sometimes i would want the scene to hold on an awesome cinematic beauty of a shot then it would cut to an old dude saying "we need to deploy more troops at our defense line" or something and i was like ugh darn. also props to the unqiue camerawork in this.

while this movie has some very strong high-points, the bad outweighs the good for me here. locking in my 3/5 rating for this.