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  • The Cat

    The Cat

    I expected the sci-fi elements to be more pronounced, but it was still a very fun film (+ the elements really intensify towards the ending anyway). Cool special effects, a mix of practical and computer effects that really make the vibe of the film very singular. A large portion of this film is actually more of a cop investigation flick which kinda slows it down, but when the sci-fi and in general fantasy based things happen, it gets really out of hand in a good way. Has Lam Ngai Kai written all over it.

  • The Transgressor

    The Transgressor

    Norifumi Suzuki goes hard with this one. Such a stylish approach to exploiting nun-on-nun violence and other shenanigans, varying from seemingly goofy to truly grusome and cruel. The cinematography itself is actually surprisingly good for such a low-budget movie and it ties in beautifully with the colors, sceneries and stylistic choices of the director. Acting is great, slightly underdone and dramatic.
    I'm not sure whether Suzuki really had an agenda for what he was exploring and discussing. Considering nuns are…

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  • Life in a Year

    Life in a Year

    EDIT: I hated my previous review but I also hated this movie. I really really hated this movie.

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho

    Really did close to nothing for me. Fairly cookie-cutter, at least in terms of predictability and the essence of just about every character that isn't Ellie - who is otherwise well performed by Thomasin McKenzie along with Anya Taylor-Joy's Sandie. Other than that, all of the style bombast and genre-bending felt totally unneccessary, uneven and frankly didn't help how long-winded the film itself felt. I would also tend to hold a belief that any film that can make me hate…