The Terminator

The Terminator ★★★★

UK Lockdown Day #14

Despite having this marked as 'watched' and given it a rating, I realised last year that I had never actually seen this. I remember watching Terminator 2 in Film Studies but that was it. Transferring all my IMDB ratings over to Letterboxd is what resulted in this situation. Was fed up of it being recommended so gave it a rating to get it out of the way...

Anyway I really enjoyed this. For years I had always heard Judgement Day was better but this is actually really good. It's also a very effective horror at times which I was not expecting. There's no way Cameron didn't take influence from things like John Carpenter's Halloween. The unstoppable killing machine.

Performances are good. Arnie is perfect in this kind of role. Linda Hamilton's arc is fun to watch. Michael Biehn is superb. Also gotta say I love the look of this film.

Sure the Terminator's skeleton walking animation has not aged particularly well but it's only there for a brief part of the runtime.

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