Cute Boy No Problems

Cute Boy No Problems

What are the good movies? Thank you.

Favorite films

  • The Holy Mountain
  • Heavy Metal
  • The American Astronaut
  • The Devil At Your Heels

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  • Moneyball

  • There's Someone Inside Your House

  • Sweet Smell of Success

  • The Green Knight

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  • mother!


    There are two version of this review.

    The short one: the most up its own ass dumb movie since Southland Tales

    The long one: this is insanely bad.
    On every level I judge a movie this is bad.
    The acting is performed by wax statues of actors you recognize.
    The cinematography is going for dreamscape, but falls short and is instead a swimming mess of Jennifer Lawrence's face right in the middle of the frame.
    The Characterization! Jennifer Lawrence is…

  • Last Night

    Last Night

    This movie is great, but there is something way more important.

    I saw this at the opening of a theater in Toronto and David Cronenberg was there. He was wearing uggs.

    I feel like this is a story I'm going to tell my grandchildren and they'll say he fell off after The Fly and I'll insist he was always excellent and then force them to watch eXistenZ and they'll say isn't this just Inception and I'll say this came out before that movie and that movie sucks. Kids those days I'll say, kids those days.