Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★½

Let me start this off by just saying how beautifully the MCU wrapped up The Infinity Gauntlet storyline Phase 1 through Phase 3.
Pressure was definitely high to really nail this landing after 20 previous films, and I can happily say it did a good job doing exactly that. 
The last act of Endgame is a milestone in film.
The acts that come before it aren’t as impressive though, suffering from pacing issues, some hit-or-miss comedy, and a story that just isn’t as engaging, for instance, as a movie like Avengers.
I almost wish they had handled it more straight, but some parts were slow as it is, and I understand that can be a hard balance to strike.
They’ve done it before though.
There were quite a few story elements that didn’t work for me but nothing deep enough to cut into the achievements this delivered on.
Thanos is still a show-stopper of a villain and honestly I’m still just blown away by it all.
I wouldn’t watch this movie on its own, but if I’m rewatching the franchise, it’s still a conclusion that I look forward to crying over every time.