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  • An Injury to One

    An Injury to One


    A furious collage from the ghost of the IWW. The site of Dashiell Hammett's transformation from Pinkerton company man to "Red Harvest" author and McCarthy victim. A history lesson with visual and structural invention to spare from a teacher unafraid of his rage and his righteous stance on the forgotten right side of history. The labor songs of the miners almost serve as hymns do to break up and punctuate a sermon.

    From Anaconda to Arco, capitalism's final transformation of Butte was into Hammett's Poinonville... transforming Hammett into prophet.

    Essential viewing for fans of experimental nonfiction, labor geeks, history appreciators, capitalist detractors, and rabble rousers.

  • Song



    The following is for the entire program (basically just copy and pastes of the tweets I tossed off about them) that consisted of SONG, SPRING, SUMMER, and DECEMBER (not all of which are on this 'boxd place) that I drove up to San Francisco to see the day before my birthday. My favorite of the program was SUMMER, but all are revealing and deeply meaningful to me... one of the most important cinematic events of my life.

    Drove 400 miles…