Gran Torino ★★★★★

Dismissing this as a white savior movie is stupid for a lot of reasons. Yes, the main protagonist is a white guy who says racist things but has a heart of gold and yes, he does help out the poor, downtrodden POC family but Eastwood's handles this narrative his typically clunky yet throughly graceful way. It's not just a movie about a insensitive grouch learning from his ways; It's a story about regret of the sins you've committed in the past and how the younger generation can learn from the older one and vice versa.

It's also funny as hell, despite being sold as a straight drama. The zingers that come out Walt Kowalski's mouth are among the most hilarious and quotable things any Eastwood character has ever said. Even those of the ultra left persuasion can at least admit there's some funny shit here. Definitely one of many highlights in Eastwood's repertoire and a minor classic all in its own way.

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