Cry Macho

Cry Macho ★★★★

Baffled by the mixed reviews this is getting; This is an immensely sweet and very economical movie, one that doesn't waste time in establishing its proceedings and doesn't skimp out on being a heartfelt venture. For those who might have found Eastwood's last couple of movies a bit too rough in their content or craft, this one might just do the trick for ya. On top of that, this might be the best looking and scored movie he's done in a while, courtesy of DP Ben Davis (Annihilation, Mission Impossible Fallout) and composer Mark Mancina giving us a sentimental but well textured affair. Honestly, I could see this being a grower for me in the future and I know for sure it didn't fail in putting a smile on my face at the end. May Eastwood never retire and thrive eternally for decades to come. Yee haw.

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