Moxie ★★★

“You really think you could lead a revolt and I wouldn't notice?”

The messages this film is trying to say are all very important, but when your screenplay feels the need to mention those exact messages about every five minutes, it really cheapens the overall point thats trying to be made if we have to hear it so often. There’s no room for subtlety at all here when the screenplay feels the need to bang you over the head with its messages and themes so frequently. There is certainly a way to say what this is trying to say without doing that, but this film seems to have no idea how to it no interest in doing so. Beyond this though, “Moxie” is a sweet, better-than-average Netflix original that benefits from very solid performances from its cast of near-unknowns.

Vivian, played by Hadley Robinson, is our main character essentially, as we follow her throughout the film as she becomes fed up with the misogyny at her school and creates a feminist zine called Moxie. Unfortunately, some of her costars shine brighter than she does. So much so that the three other girls in the film who first express interest in zine had led the film, it might have helped push it more steadily through some of its slower parts. Amy Poehler’s direction is solid as well even though she could have implemented for some restraint to be had. If anything, this is better than her last directorial effort, “Wine Country.” Nevertheless, even through some of its flaws, “Moxie” does do several things really well and if it finds that preteen/teen audience soon enough, they might cling into it for a while.

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