Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals ★★★

lemme start off by saying the acting was incredible, cannot fault it, adams’ role, albeit a bit bland, most likely made better by amy herself, and gyllenhaal’s were well acted, with as much depth as could be given. yet they both continue to be snubbed to shit. anyway, not the place.

now to my real thoughts on the film itself:

i felt like i was in a perpetual state of that moment right before you sigh.. 

like the film is good, plots great and all, but Tom Ford.. eh.

i’m not saying he’s a bad director, he’s not, there are many things that make this film well directed. 

it just seems that the camera lingered on the boring monotonous shots more than they did on the beautifully mesmerising ones. shots that would have much more meaning and essence behind them, if the audience was given the time to experience said meaning and essence. 

so, i’m a bit like :/


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