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  • Carol



    merry Christmas. a warning that this is one of those "rare" occasions where my feelings and personal stories become my review so leave now if it isn’t your thing. I tell myself I'll try to do this less next year. it is my 10th review of Carol, my 1001st review on Letterboxd. so what does one do and how does a sleepless person write badly about the same film for the 10th time? I call it "This Carol Rewatch, or…

  • Undine



    a mythical ethereality, Undine is an iteration of habits and histories abound love's inevitable doom. with one of Bach's* beautiful musical pieces undulating its foreboding atmosphere, the Greek myth as its centrepiece holds its characters tightly captive. their fates fastened, appended by a twist which gives the story its bittersweet modernity. a reverberation of romantic lore and fable's place in our brief lives and affairs. while the tragic romance dips in calm waters at first, it is eventually seduced to…

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  • Tove



    the remarkable and assorted biographical strokes drawn on Tove cover many canvas sizes of a personal kind. curating an exhibit of an artist’s struggles and insecurities, the unconventionality of Tove Jansson’s art doesn’t only stray her away from her initial artistic pursuits. it also sours her relationship with her stern father, a sculptor who admonishes her to conformity in vain. over and over, she fails with her effort to adhere traditionally (ie., her marriage with a man, her venture to…

  • Adoption



    the hum of machinery. pieces of wood turned over and polished repeatedly on its belts. middle aged women with bandana’s over their heads. dust is inhaled, dispersed; it clung to their clothes. a woman’s work*; humdrum, routine work. Kata is in the midst of it all. but she’s also isolated from the “ordinary woman”, not only in distance or address, she’s also without a child or a husband. tethered to the ground of her emptiness, surrounded by the illusionary void…

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  • Moonlit Winter

    Moonlit Winter


    the heavy snowfall in Moonlit Winter piles up along the driveway and the streets and is laboriously shovelled and cleared out the next day only to pile up again. an allusion to feelings tucked in so long ago that ebbs and flows whenever the switch of memories is flicked on and off. 

    where there is vulnerability in communication through undelivered letters, words muttered in the air without a response, phrases written on paper without a reader, longing gushes ragingly amidst…

  • Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

    Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

    Dull Street: This Movie Put Me To Sleep

    for a film that revolves around soulless Wall Street guys, unethical bankers (a tautology?), and greedy honchos during the 2008 financial crisis, you’d think you couldn’t despise anything more. but mix it with the perfect amount of boredom and Shia LaBarf, you can’t help but wish you also have a remote control to hurl at the screen like Carey did in one scene. while stocks sink and crash, this film imitates life…