currently dealing with complicated feelings on ageing and growing up queer by watching all the teen comedies

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  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


    I enjoyed this in 2010 as a nerdy jerk of an 18 year old boy who had read the graphic novels only a few months prior, was days from starting a film degree and definitely taking the wrong ideas away from Scott. It felt like a genuine event film for ‘alternative’ kids with their heads up their asses, like me!

    Today the 29 year old girl me enjoyed it too but not nearly as much. Stepping into Scott Pilgrims head…

  • Blindspotting



    The risk of seeming too much like a play is quite obvious but there’s such effective editing and sound design that the issue is totally avoided.

    Some of the most tense moments you’ll ever see put to film and the actual scariest nightmare sequence I’ve ever seen (but that could be the weed talking).

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  • Plan B

    Plan B


    In the year of our Lord 2021, I just marked out for a Creed song in a movie.

    I enjoyed that movie too but PJ said it’s what Booksmart wishes it could be and that’s basically spot-on: high school comedy from a talented actor in their first directorial effort that totally lands with casting even more unknown stars, memorable moments and social commentary.

    Very happy as a long time Natalie Morales fan since The Middleman days, teen movie lover and a big gay. And it’s a road trip movie too!!!

  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    Unquestionably a fun time but even I could see it needed more Afro Latino stars without having stepped foot in NYC.

    Those 2 hours 23 minutes flow by easily from The Kid Mero’s voice cameo kicking things off to the after credits scene. Can’t stand LMM but really enjoyed this, go figure.

    See it on the big screen with the biggest crowd possible! This Odeon members screening was completely empty but I hope it can take off in the UK as much as something super white like The Greatest Showman did.