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Christopher Nolan was the director that got me into film and inspired me to want to make movies of my own someday, so needless to say, I was beyond excited for this movie.

I'm going to admit that I was a bit unsure of my feelings for about thirty minutes or so, as I couldn't really feel where the film was going, it wasn't confusing or as complicated as I heard it was in the slightest, and I understood everything pretty clearly.

The film then kicks in and I jumped on board with it but it also starts to get a little more complicated and requiring of my full attention to fully understand it but it never became overbearing or full of itself, self indulgent? Maybe, but certainly not full of itself.

The dialogue flows so naturally that it doesn't even feel like exposition anymore. There isn't a scene where the characters ask obvious questions that lead to obvious exposition dumps, which Nolan has been criticized for in the past, which while never bothering me before because I just love hearing Nolan characters talk, is a fair complaint that isn't present here.

Nolan has come a long way and has certainly grown as a filmmaker and he truly makes this look all look effortless. The move is stunning to look at and the soundtrack breathes life into every brilliantly directed sequence.

Nolan has had a fair share of divisive films, especially in recent years, but none as extreme as Tenet and I can honestly totally understand how this could be viewed as someone's favorite or even least favorite of his, but I think it's just somewhat disrespectful to consider it outright bad in any way, which may be extreme, but I stand by it.

I have so much more I would love to say (Especially about the characers) but I'm going to save all of it for the video I will eventually do once my main series is finished.

Tenet manages to be a remarkable achievement and a great piece of blockbuster/action filmmaking.

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