Tenet ★★★★★

NOTE: It's kind of like Nolan watched PRIMER and thought "I could do this on a $250 million dollar budget, yeah?".

NOTE II: This is basically the INCEPTION template just through a different sci-fi filter, right? Character hooks up a device, enters a wonky world to correct things, Michael Caine pops up for a scene, an Indian man acts a delivery man for the mission, they're doing this just so a parent can be closer to their kids, guys being cool in suits, etcetera. I'm onto you, Nolan....

The bizarre release strategy aside, I'm surprised at everyone's negative reactions to this movie!

This is Nolan firing on all cylinders. He doesn't haven Hans Zimmer in his corner this go-around but I actually think Ludwig Goransson's score very well might be Nolan's BEST score yet!

AND ABOUT THAT TRAVIS SCOTT TRACK...while Nolan infamously, and perhaps misleadingly, suggested that 'The Plan' is "the final piece to the puzzle", there is more depth to the track than one would think when observing it on the surface. There are multiple meanings that cleverly correlate to the film. Yes, even "Skrrt Skrrt in the vert" has a meaning if you look close enough.

ABOUT THE AUDIO...listen, I get it. I didn't like when Nolan did it in INTERSTELLAR, but that's prolly cause I just don't like that film. But when he did it here, I got it. It's about putting you in the moment, and if you were riding fancy rich boats while yelling at Kenneth Branagh, you might have a hard time hearing to which is why Nolan kept the sound over the dialogue. I get it if you're frustrated, but I think it's an admirable choice.

I love this story. Yes, it is difficult to follow at times and that is OKAY. This is a film that is intended to be seen multiple times to fully appreciate which I get can frustrate people. The inverted time travel is a lot to digest at once as you're watching the movie but having sat with it a couple of days (and read a few analyses on the web) it is a bit more clearer now. The visuals of seeing John David Washington walk about the inverted timeline is dizzying at first but ultimately mesmerizing to look at and comprehend.

Performances are great all around with a special shoutout to Kenneth Branagh for being fucking terrifying. I never thought I'd be scared of Gilderoy Lockhart but here we are. Robert Pattinson and especially his hair is quite good in this. John David Washington is obviously great and hopefully this gets him more mainstream work in the future. Random, but did anyone else find it hilarious how he held the espresso cup as he was walking down the ramp? Haha

The action scene inside the art rooms is just fucking fantastic. When you see it AGAIN with more context it is exhilarating. One of Nolan's best filmed sequences of all time.

I think Nolan should be fine, but I do hope that this lukewarm reception critically and financially doesn't derail his creative endeavors getting funded in the future. No matter what your opinion is, there's no denying this isn't *different* from everything else and it's important we get visions like his realized.

I know you're thinking I'm a Nolan fanboy but I swear I'm not! I didn't like Interstellar and I didn't even see Dunkirk. But Tenet is fucking phenomenal, thrilling, funny, and visually stunning.

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